Nat’s Noshes

Improvising the art of culinary

Draw, draw, and draw until precise as my mentors from architecture school say. Observe, trial and error, critique, over and over until you have a masterpiece!

The drafting table of Nat’s Noshes has a Moleskin-ruled notebook and a Sharpie pen ready for use. Brainstorming begins on food pyramid-compliant and well-cup-measured, clean foods.

Since mid April of lockdown 2020, I have been channeling my passion for art and design into creative baking and cooking, via colors, textures, scents, visuality, plating, and presentation— as a hobby.

I designed a website from the start and have been documenting short stories inspired from childhood memories, adventures during the pandemic, and positive experiences into creative, noshable goods. This website has morphed to over 3.5K views in the first three months, along with a high presence in social media. 

Please help yourself in viewing samples of creative culinary art for healthy inspiration, outdoor dinner party ideas, or as creative ways to reset and head towards a beautiful summer ahead.

*Basically “clean” foods under 5 ingredients.