Easy 3-Ingredient Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

This recipe was a no-brainer and easy to make an hour before you head out for the day! Greek yogurt (plain), all purpose flour, as the recipe calls for.

* Check out Nosh tips for more flavorful bagels below!

  • Add cinnamon, sesame seeds, everything bagel seasoning, or your favorite flavor in the pre-mix.
  • Add in whole wheat flour and ratio it out with all purpose flour, totaling up to 1.5 cups.
  • If you stick with all purpose flour, try using blueberry, strawberry Or your favorite flavored Greek Yogurt, to bring in more flavors and sweetness.

I recommend all this because the taste of plain Greek yogurt and flour is super bland!

* PS! When fully baked, slice the bagels in half and throw in the toaster! Or leave in oven and raise temp to 375 or 400 for a few min! 😊

Enjoy! Send a note, if you dare! nat@natsnoshes.com


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