Blueberry Farm to Pie

A success! Finally made my first latticed, brown sugar blueberry pie! The blueberries were hand picked from a cute, little orchard farm I drove out to early am with “A” plus-rated social distancing. Standing in between rows of greenery, seeing unripe and ripe berries blooming, early morning with the sun shining, and being present in nature was just blissful and so peaceful with family.

It’s a true, connecting to nature experience in picking up farm fresh, harvested blueberries and baking them to its fullest. Watching the berries bubble, burst, and pop in the oven brings back childhood memories of being in your grandparents’ kitchen.

The aromas of this wholesome, edible plant from the orchard farm miles and miles away all the way to inside your oven really bring out the nostalgic, summer feelings of a beautiful, sunny day with nothing but good things happening in the world.


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