Art in Clear Watermelon Slices 🇺🇸

What summertime fun to showcase the art of fruit inside a clear gelatin slice of watermelon! All you need is a whole watermelon, slice in half, scoop out one of the halves, throw in colorful chopped fruit.

Next, the gelatin texture comes in. A separate bowl is needed. 1.5 cups of boiling water, 3 tablespoons or 3 packets of gelatin… keep stirring constantly. Follow up with 1.5 cups of cold water.

Finally, pour the liquid mixture into the watermelon bowl.

Refrigerate for at least 5 hours.

*Can always spike the liquid mix with some rum!

*Also, for those not a fan of clear gelatin, you can always swap for strawberry/lime/lemon/berry/cherry/etc. sweetened Jell-O instead and add cool whip ontop!

🇺🇸 HAPPY JULY 4TH!! 🇺🇸

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