Soft & Chewy America’s Favorite Cookies

America’s Favorite Cookie, can’t live and can’t live without as a kitchen staple for noshing enjoyment or as decoration in your kitchen when having people over. Pre-mix from Pillsbury is always the speediest way to bake for non-cooks or amateur bakers, etc….

Or here is a super fun, a mini get your hands messy pastime to enjoy on a rainy day.
Live Well and Bake Often Recipe

P.S. Notes!

Cookie Tips to Prevent from Spreading

  • To take the cooking sheet out of the oven while the cookies are a bit brown @ bottoms or edges and the tops are still soft and look a big uncooked.
  • Muffin trays are an excellent option as they keep all the cookies a consistent round size! This is good if you are having a presentation or bringing a large batch to a work holiday party and want to “appear professional!” and to be remembered by your fun noshes!

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