Sweet Purple Potato Crust Flat Pizza

I think it is living dangerously if you walk into your elevator and stand at a social distance from someone delivering pizza… this where envy and jealousy comes in… after spending all week eating and preparing well balanced meals (or attempt to!)!

So why not? I noticed a healthy, vegetable based sweet purple potato pizza sitting in this cool Thrive magazine my mom sent me. Not only was it colorful but it was impressive to actually feel hungry and captivated by this wonderfully photographed cover image of plant based, vegetarian pizza!

Whole wheat pastry flour, purple sweet potatoes, mozzarella cheese, green tomato, and oh yes microwaveable green(eat your veggies) cauliflower/broccoli, and sweet white corn… all whipped in this great recipe.

Enjoy! Now healthy pizzas can play this game too!

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