My Granola Cup Runneth Over

There is something about those mid week early mornings when you think the week is wrapping up nicely but then you are hit with a deadline that was “bumped up” early to this Friday… rather than dreaming of TGIF…. soooo what do you do???

Grab-and-go-breakfast comes to your mind when you open that fridge 😊

These are the cutest easiest ways to gain some protein and fiber in your morning diet. Mini granola cups. These cups really curb your appetite in such a heart healthy way.

Muffin tray. Pam spray or parchment cup fill in for 6-8 cups. All this takes is 20 min tops. Oatmeal mixture. Fill in cups. Bake at 325 15 min and fill in each cup with your fave yogurt or cottage cheese or berries!

Recipe below….

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