10 Minute Chocolate Pudding

One of those late nights where you have been staying healthy (most of time) all week and… you have a sweet tooth craving! Whether it be hot chocolate, Bailey’s or Frangelica Cream, but you realize how much of a sugar high, especially late night, or the last 6 mini chocolate morsels you have in your carb cupboard from all of the cookies you baked a month ago! Sometimes you need chocolate! Dark chocolate as we know yes is good for your heart but, ok….

I started asking Siri if she had an alternative ideas in making creamy chocolate pudding instead of ordering through Amazon prime which would take 24 hours at least for delivery.

It’s a miracle on elm street! I just found out you can make and have the same taste and consistency of pudding but with avocado (Or plain Greek yogurt), cocoa powder, honey, and vanilla extract! Thank you Siri!


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