Yin Yang Bite Size Cookies

Yin yang. When we see the symbol ☯️ from ancient Chinese philosophy, we are reminded that there is light and it follows darkness. The complementary parts of black fitting in with white represents harmony. Things go in a cycle. Nothing is stronger than it’s opposite.

A close friend of mine was having a small socially distanced birthday gathering in a park. I decided to bake something meaningful in the midst of this unprecedented timing in our lives.

Thinking with “harmony”, I had to do something creative and bake something fun and with eye-popping contrast of colors.

Thus, I made bite sized cookies “in harmony”. I placed each one in cupcake wrappers and in ziploc bags to pass around. A large colorful festive birthday vinyl table cloth was centrally placed on the grass distancing all five of us in the park. We sang happy birthday. We drank canned rose’ cider. And we noshed in harmony in the 90 degree heat. 😊 ☯️

Slice and Bake Cookie Recipe

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