Pomegranate, Orange, and Cranberry Adventure!

In the middle of summer with day by day leftovers, tuna fish lunches, and protein-plus-two-sides prepared meals from Whole Foods, why not change it up and bring in some new colors and flavors? It is like spring cleaning when you decide it’s time to kickstart the second half of summer with some spice. This could involve rearranging your furniture on your balcony with cool socially distanced ideas, cleaning out your closets, and giving things away to the needy. Like with salads, why not bring in some juicy red and bright orange into it?

Pomegranates are traditionally known to symbolize prosperity and new revival especially during the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. They are one of the most highly popular street foods in the outdoor markets in Israel. The idea of actually buying a pom in the produce aisle rather than packaged and cutting into the core to bring out the seeds is so wholesome as if you just picked out poms from a farm.

Oranges are symbolically known for happiness, warmth, and energy. In Asian cultures, it represents good luck. A popular Chinese Cantonese restaurant, the Orange Garden truly represents their symbolism by incorporating oranges in their menu very well.

These symbolic seeds can be thrown in a salad with orange juice or fragrance orange water paired with bread baked in cranberries and orange zest, which sounds so divine!

Why pair seeds of symbolism with a rustic, artisan bread? The idea of cutting knee deep into this homemade bread with a long, serrated bread knife and breaking into the crispness, with crumbs falling down, gives off traditional, heartwarming feelings of never wanting to leave a bakery especially if it were on an Italian island off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

This reminds me of a Netflix series, Down to Earth, starring Zac Efron. He explores and immerses himself into the culture of Sardinia island where longevity in living life is key there. Zac spends the day with a family and absorbs the joys of making, kneading, and baking bread for hours with extra care, time, and effort per loaf, as if it were part of their own family!

Enjoy the orange, pomegranate, and cranberry adventure!

Orange and Pom salad recipe

Rustic Cranberry Orange Bread recipe

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