Channeling Key West into a Cookie

Those Key Lime Pie Festival days in the Keys…

Who has a craving for something tart and lime-ful tangy in a pie crust with whipped cream on top? The color of yellow-green, the light brown/yellow-ness of a crumbly weaved crust, and the snowflake whiteness of whipped cream or cool whip are all creative taste buds that blend extremely well in these chill days of extreme heat.

I had two family birthdays approaching in the same week on the same day and they both love key lime pie, apple, and fruit cobblers. While brainstorming with my moleskin notebook and a ruler, I come to the wonders of how to acquire the creative taste buds of let’s say, key lime pie?

Ah ha! A new Nat’s Noshes experiment had taken off like a rocket ship with flying colors of white, yellowgreen, and yellow!

Key Lime Cookies! Once cooled off after baking them in the oven, taking a bite of these noshes truly makes you close your eyes and daydream of a Sunday afternoon sitting by the pool, overlooking the Atlantic ocean, and holding an oversized margarita with both hands as if it was so fragile. Then, letting go all those hard-earned workouts and being served a slice of key lime pie with cool whip cream, sprinkled pie crust crumbles, and lime zest atop on the slice on a silver platter with the top lid removed, as if it was Chinese delivery!

The slice was generously paired with well-shaped cutlery fresh out of the dishwasher and freshly sterilized from high end PPE equipment. Of course, watching the tourists clad in parrot t-shirts and sporting parrots on their heads by the poolside bar worshipping Jimmy Buffett as if he was the mayor of the Keys was the final piece de resistance on this beautiful, tropical day on the island oasis.

Taste of Lizzy Key Lime Sugar Cookies Recipe

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