Easy Honey Sesame Whole Wheat Bagels

After a great, early am run outside on a beautiful, breezy summer Sunday, you believe that you deserve a luscious, warm bagel because of all the calories you just burned! You plan on picking up a to-go bag of a dozen Einstein Brothers, Bruegger’s, Starbucks, Way Beyond Bagels, Bagel Oasis and Terrace, the New York Bagel, Once Upon A Bagel, Bagels R Us, Bagel Shmagel, or all American deli bagels. No matter the destination, no matter the ETA, even blindfolded, you are channeling the aromas of instant gratification of your special bag of prizes. Grabbing the New York Times section on Style or Opinions (for those that still love the smell and touch of newspapers!) completely makes you feel even more well-balanced and at harmony (for those newspaper lovers and those that can live away from the iPhone for a few hours!)

Having family arguments with your family on where to go for bagels, whether to get low calorie Philadelphia cream cheese or the plain one with chives but no strawberries in it but low calories, or perhaps Country Crock margarine, or I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and then finally debating on whether unsalted butter or margarine is better for you…. would love to treasure those memories into a scrapbook. ☺️

Why do we love bagels? Why are New Yorkers so passionate about them as they are family? These round softies are so versatile and unique in each one, softness, chewiness, size, flavor, imperfect, perfect, burnt sides, half burnt, right, wrong, discolored, seedy, dark, light, dried oniony, mush mosh, etc. Day or night, you can make or break these bagels. They have location wars and wherever you go, that bagel shop you head out to, you know you are bound to run into your 4th grade science teacher there.

Posted in slideshow: honey whole wheat bagels with an egg wash and sesame seeds alternatively partnered with buckwheat bagels. Both finish your palate with such wild, bedazzling, different tastes.

* Juiciest gossip from the neighborhood… the everything bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s is the best!

~ 3 ingredient recipe Easy Bagel
~ 5 ingredient recipe Skinny Taste
(3 ingredient recipe with egg wash and salt!)

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