Watermelon Kiwi Feta Rubik’s Cube

When we used to play with those red, white, and blue Rubik’s Cubes as kids, we were so engaged by bold colors that contrasted so largely that we totally wanted all the colors to match up! This was a mind-boggling game that you would jump at the idea of sitting on the couch all day trying to match up all 6 sides, top, bottom, front, back, left, and right.

When you can’t sleep, you are all up to speed with Netflix’s top 10 docu-series (and all the episodes… and all the seasons…. ), you have seen enough breaking news alerts that you hear it inside your head constantly… what do you do next? Perhaps, twisting and turning your cube and wearing earbuds to mask out the constant buzzing from your phone, you twist and turn and you drift off into the most peaceful sleep ever.

But of course, our most all time favorite diversion that makes us weak in the knees is…. eating. Being thankful, being fortunate, and having access to groceries is a blessing during these unprecedented times.

After sitting and staring at the Rubik’s Cube all night, you wake up the next morning on a Monday and of course you get hungry! Having images of cubes in your mind rather than breaking news alerts…. you then have an “ah ha!” moment!

As you head to your kitchen, you check out the veggies and fruit you just picked up at the local farmer’s market from the other day (and washed!)

Watermelon and other melons are good choices to evenly cut into cubes. Honeydew, pineapple are good as well. Cucumbers or feta cheese cubes are a nice contrast with fruit. *Kiwi, while so decorative, yet definitely tricky to work with!

Next, you mix in some honey, and or olive oil with the fruit and or veggies in a bowl. You then “fit” all pieces into a puzzle of a 3×3 cube with all 6 sides.

This becomes a fun, logical three dimensional Rubik’s Cube Salad experience to kick start your new work from home day!

Recipe ideas, inspiration, etc.

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