Customized Baked Veggie Chips

Us as kids: Pringles, Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos…

Us as adults: Wheat Thins, Rice Cakes, Multi-Grain Black Sesame Seed Flax Seed Gluten-Free Organic Vegan Egg-Free Crackers (really?), Terra Veggie Chips…

Boy, those were the days! Memories… So much nostalgia and happiness in not knowing what is good and bad for you! 😀

Words famously spoken from your parents or maybe your grandparents…. “what vegetables would you like with your dinner tonight?” Me: “I guess… peas and corn”…

Modern parents and grandparents: “What vegetables would like with your dinner tonight?” Me: “Sweet potatoes or yams, purple potatoes, and English cucumbers.” Them: “Why not throw them onto a non stick baking sheet?” Me: “OMG! So cool!” (Secret… I snuck in apple slices for some extra sweetness)! I then marinated all the veggies and the special fruit in extra virgin olive oil and salt-n-pepa.

Next, I preheat oven til 400 and begin baking the magic gems for approximately 30-40 minutes. Towards 30 minutes, I check for crispiness and judge. This is a great option to get your vegetable vitamin intake for the day and still normally and humanly possibly savor your craving for sweet noshing on potato chips.

* Note: cucumbers take extra time as they are watery with seeds. I’d rather bake zucchini instead or if you insist on only cucumbers because if it’s the only “healthy thing“ left in your fridge, I would soak up the water out of the Sliced gems with a paper towel and remove seeds.

Feel free to garnish with salt or seasoning! They taste and look just like the Terra veggie chips from Whole Foods!

PS 400 degrees works for standard oven. If convection oven, you have to trial and error and start low and judge!

Martha Stewart’s version

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