Honey Wheat Challah

For those that can tolerate wheat in their diets, this recipe has honey, whole wheat flour, and flax seeds. Anything honey-baked in the kitchen sounds and smells instantly gratifying. After several attempts in baking challah, I have realized that recipes sometimes do not specify the type of yeast to use. Generally speaking, it is common to buy nutritional yeast especially from Trader Joe’s. However, this is not active yeast nor fast yeast for baking. This non-active item has a wild variety of nutrients and vitamins – it is “very B vitamin-ful” …. (See number 6!) and is best used as a thickener in soups and as a dry cheese-grainy flavor add on into salads. Super yummy! See below the recommended yeast for challah!

Fleischmann’s Active Dry Yeast or Rapid Dry Yeast is the best bet!

Recipe below.

Check out below tips in the image slideshow as well as these links.

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