Just Like Those Crispy La Choy Noodles…

Remember those “young at heart, don’t care about carbs” days when we would nosedive into those big brown paper bags of Chinese takeout looking for the deepest treasures of fried crispy Lo Mein noodles?? Well a generation fast forward and a pandemic later, we DIY everything… the understatement of the year. A pasta maker or store bought linguini (under 2-3 ingredients), a batch of vegetables, whole wheat flour, and a piece of fish can totally kick off the rest of your night with a fabulous, well-heeled dish and some childhood nostalgia!

The night of Nosh begins with homemade whole wheat flour and water being electronically cranked in a machine. Thin linguini pieces are being extracted through a “stencil” mold. Broiling and draining the noodles is next. Bake the fish at 350. 3/4 time through total oven time, Nosh gently wraps the noodles around the fish… slowly as to not break any precious parts.

Back in the oven at 350… and minutes later, the formation of soft noodles amazingly transforms into crispy noodles around the fish.

Finalizing this adventure with vegetables being paired and being properly plated surely kicks off the rest of the night in high gear!

Oh!! And a nice fortune follow up from the fortune cookies at the bottom of the bag!

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