Egg Muffins!


So fun! Easy to get super creative with veggies or sweet, rich flavors!

This is a great experiment in satisfying your taste buds if you are tired of egg omelets and scrambled eggs for breakfast or for dinner. Here’s what I did! I laid out a muffin tray or two, then pam sprayed each cup, and made a fun batch of yummy veggies or almond meal. Anything you like goes with eggs. My cup muffins were built on yellow peppers, green peppers, almond (crushed in a blender) meal, and spinach. Tray 1 and or 2 go in oven at 350 for about 20 min. Take trays out. Take a small spatula or deep spoon and gently turn each muffin @ in each cup, so they do not stick. After another 15-20 min, gently lift each to check bottoms if well done. Bake until crisp or soft. It is your design!

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