Fun Fetti Matzah!


Little had I known what my early days in the kitchen, pre-lockdown, had turned into a website of this magnitude. This all started during the week of Passover 2020. Our first holiday during this unprecedented time, without the ability to gather with family.

Since matzah is our most traditional means of observance, I decided to crank up the turnstile and have some fun after noshing on only Manischewitz kosher food everyday for 7 days, including peanut butter and jelly matzah sandwiches, matzah ball soup, kosher style Cheerios, matzah pizza, matzah as flatbread with gefilte fish, matzah as flatbread with egg/tuna fish salad, matzah with hummus, and… dinners with no matzah, no bread, and no starch that rises.

I decided to take it up a notch and do something extraordinary while still sticking with tradition. I ordered off of Amazon Prime the following: kosher chocolate morsels and sprinkles.

Funfetti matzah with sprinkles and toffee was my plan of attack. I took up a storm in my kitchen. Followed all steps and measurements in recipe. Redid the toffee twice as it burns so fast. Take caution when cooking toffee before almost setting the smoke alarm! Best to keep between low and medium heat on stovetop. =)

This Funfetti Nosh is last-longing and freezes well! Enjoy!

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