Brie Bites!

Recipe Link!

If you are heading out to a friend’s socially distanced BYOB BBQ or your neighbor is setting up a last minute summer St. Tropez- themed picnic and it is just way too hot to think what can you bring? All you can think of in this sauna-soaked season is only one mind-numbing, monochromatic, “plain vanilla” idea of another bottle of chilled white wine or pre-packaged cookies at Whole Foods… The help Uber is on its way!

Here is a quick 15 minute reason to say “you really made these” without being a baker or a kitchen extraordinare! Head to Jewel early am early enough to skip the lines and all the markers and rules to follow. Grab a few Brie cheese wedges, a few Pillsbury croissant roll doughs (3-4 for a batch of 12 total is good), and some sweet toppings such as raspberries, grape jelly, cranberries, figs, dates, raisins, strawberries, dried fruit, walnuts, other nuts in the nut family, apricot jam, blueberries (in season now), and much much more.

Brie bites here we come. Pop open the cylinder can of dough, cut into squares of 2 by 2. Lay each dough square in each cup of a muffin tray. 24 or 12 cup tray is best size. Drop in a small square of Brie. Pop ontop a sweet topping. Mix it all up. Oven 350 for 20 something minutes. Keep checking bottoms as to not burn.

  • Mini trick: Use a small spatula or wooded spoon to slowly turn each muffin as to not stick at bottom.
  • Mini trick: Pam spray works best per cup if not using a non-stick baking sheet.

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