Sunflower Seed Paleo Crackers!

Recipe Link

Scroll to bottom for ingredient list and directions as the recipe link requests an account setup etc etc etc!

Best to stick with exact receipe flour ingredients it calls for. Alternatives in case limited at Whole Foods, Trader J’s, or your local grocery store, etc.! Message me rightly, if you dare!

Good FYI Notes to Keep…


1. Almond Flour: more moisture, heavier, can be gluten-free, more pricey, very nutritious, and needs more eggs. Not as absorbent as coconut flour. Best substitute would be wheat flour which is lighter.

2. Coconut Flour: very fine and dry like wheat flour. Best sub would be flax meal. Flax meal is a healthier, more protein-ful version and Cassava flour has more carbs. Cassava is very fine, dry, like wheat flour. Flax meal is best.

3. Arrowroot Flour: a thickener, smooth, neutral taste, not break down much. Best substitute would be tapioca starch, which would be smooth as well, not as breakable.

4. See slideshow!

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