Honey Makes Everything Shiny

One of my favorite scenes of the Johnny Cash movie, Walk the Line, is when Reese Witherspoon gives a bowl of strawberries to Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) at the end of the movie when he wakes up and is given a second chance at life again. There is something about fresh fruit and it’s symbolism of new awakenings or a silver lining to all this.

Went to the farmers market last Saturday and grabbed bright, ripe oranges and pomegranates. Although I miss freshly grown basil, mint, and dill from my dad’s herbal garden, as he lives out of town, I decided to look for a mint bulk with the stems, but none to find. Thus, I bought what was there.

My experiment of the day was a plating of one strawberry drizzled with honey, laying on a mint leaf on a bed of oranges, and surrounded by pomegranates.

This is one of my most simple, favorite platings, symbolizing the excitement of what’s next in store!

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