Trendy Sushi Bagels

For those who follow social media pages on creative baking and cooking these days, I have seen so many people attempt to make traditional sushi, sashimi, and nori rolls as homemade! It is a fun, yet time consuming experiment to gather all of the ingredients and sushi grade types and such.

I wanted to try something different and brainstorm other ways of eating the same pieces of a sushi roll, but in a different structure and form. Why? Because traditionally, the idea of eating 6-8 pieces of the roll takes us less than an hour. Sushi was historically known as “fast food” to grab and go at kiosk stands during war in Japan. Thus, this is also the reason why sushi restaurants serve us so quickly and expect us to leave… soon 🙂 just in time for the next table of patrons to be seated.

After searching Pinterest and google images, “sushi bagels” caught my eye! Everyone loves bagels as if they were our own family, right? (See previous posts on why we love bagels).

Absorbing and digesting small portions turned into “bagels” would take longer to devour instant gratification. Enjoy! Amazon sells inexpensive next day prime delivery for bagel/donut molds. Asian Caucasian recipe

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