Transparent Cherry Pie

As strange as it sounds, I was intrigued by this “wierd science” experiment while I was researching creative desserts written up by food critics. This peculiar one was prepared by the Alinea’s (ranked as one of the top restaurants in America, 3 times!) Grant Achatz. He is like the Michelin king of innovative, unique, mind-puzzling, gastronomic food as surrealism. It was a clear, miniature size, transparent pumpkin pie for the harvest, fall season in 2017.

Nat’s Noshes decided to rebuild this experiment and create a low calorie, egg free, 3 ingredient only pie crust with a clear, transparent pie filling with juicy cherries.

The experience of taking a bite into this is one that makes you question whether it is too wierd to nosh into or it perhaps it is just aesthetically pleasing to the eye for pure decoration in your kitchen or as part of a New York Times Cooking magazine cover. Enjoy! It is truly an adventure!

Skinny Fitalicious Egg Free Pie Crust Recipe

Pie Recipe:

1.5 cup of boiling water

3 tablespoons of powdered gelatin

Stir until all dissolves

1.5 cup of cold water

Keep stirring until all dissolved

Good luck!!!!!!!

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