Mediterranean Frozen Yogurt Bark

Going mad for Greek was happening again, but this time I was looking for something frozen with a popsicle-ice-cool feeling as it was another 93 degree day again.

How can you combine a love for Greek food with frozen foods? After a few hours brainstorming at Nat’s Noshes drafting table with a spiral bound moleskin notepad, I realized why not go stir crazy for a frozen yogurt bark?

Fage Greek yogurt… roasted mini red tomatoes… roasted pine nuts… rosemary seasoning… evoo… all satisfied my creative project with fabulous results, while kicking back on the balcony outside and cooling off with pure Greek madness!

Simple non-recipe details: 32 oz container of Chobani non fat plain Greek yogurt, just enough to fill up a small baking sheet, about 1/4 thick. Rosemary or thyme seasoning. Tomatoes in the oven at 250 for 1.5 hours. Pine nuts at 400 for 5 min. 1 tablespoon of evoo. Then freeze for 4 hours. Gently break into pieces. Drizzle with a bit more evoo right before eating. Must eat ASAP as it melts fast… if not you can always have it as a yogurt bowl snack!

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