Acorn Squash, Cinnamon Spice, and Everything Nice

Finally jumping on the harvest season bandwagon! Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods surely do keep the spirit going (and early!) for Halloween, fall, and pre Thanksgiving vibes! Orange squash pumpkins, green acorn squash, dark olive green acorn squash, yellow spaghetti squash, orange-green gourds, orange butternut squash, and green striped delicata squash…

Who would have thought there are 100 types of squash?!!

Back to the card on deck. I grab a yellow/green, soft yet well-shaped acorn squash from Whole Foods. I hear it’s best to grab one that is not all green, meaning it is way too ripe to cook. Preheated the oven at 450. Sliced the squash horizontally from bottom up. Drizzled the slices with cinnamon and extra olive virgin oil.
*Special Nat’s Noshes fun bonus points: I matched the floral shape of the overall acorn squash shape with a small, floral cookie cutter to cut out the middles. Also, baked the squash middles along with the squash seeds! Such a warm tummy-ful, fulfilling nourishment on a cold night with a cinnamon spice drink! 🍂 🎃

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