6 Moods of Avocado

It’s amazing that such a green vegetable can be so versatile and multi-functional with our moods, our excuses to eat, and for our real deal meals.

  1. Creaminess: Design: Butternut squash, avo, date syrup, seeds. The soft and ripeness of avocado can be so creamy and balance so well as a spread with crackers, thus crispy rice cakes come into this picture. The creaminess reminds me also of a veggie table hash of vegetables mashed in together, kinda like sweet potato or butternut squash.
  2. Cookie cutter shaped design: Design: Goat Brie cheese, dates, leaf shaped avocado, avocado oil. Brie cheese and dates blend so well with soft avocado like a spread of butter.
  3. Design: Breakfast dish. This variation is traditional and so yummy. Egg whites sliced along with chopped or sliced avocado, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. Perfect Sunday al fresco brunch with a mimosa.
  4. Jelly on crisp toast. Design: apricot jam, star shaped avocado, avocado oil.
  5. Design: Crushed pistachios, diced avocado, black and white sesame seeds: This variation is amazing with the wildly tasteful pistachios combined with avocado creaminess.
  6. Citrus. Design: Citrus orange slice, sliced avocado, and sunflower seeds.

Enjoy these 6 moods of avocado!

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