High Tea & Pistachio Matcha Green Tea Cakes

Reclining in a high back wing chair with a nice warm cup of mint tea on a saucer, while sampling a tea cake is just beautiful…. if it was 4pm during the early 19th century. This would be the British norm of breaking down the wait period between lunch and dinner, with dinner not served until 8pm in the evening.

I have always loved the tradition of mom and daughter time on a Sunday afternoon at a restaurant serving high tea and tea cakes, mini sandwiches, or scones, served on a 3-tier tray…. Especially during the holidays. Just so divine and peaceful.

Chicago and New York both have fabulous places to enjoy and savor this afternoon tea experience.
Chicago https://www.timeout.com/chicago/restaurants/best-spots-for-high-tea-in-chicago
New York https://www.thetravel.com/best-places-afternoon-tea-nyc/

Pistachio Matcha Green Tea Powder Tea Cakes/Buttons recipe

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