There’s Something About Microgreens… & Shrimp Tartare

There’s something about Mary… there’s definitely something about those tiny, tiny, plant-leafy looking stalks with mini flowers sprouting in a salad or in shrimp, avocado, and cucumber cabbage wraps.

As I was browsing by the lettuce, herb section in the produce aisle at Whole Foods, I figure why not step out of my comfort zone and check out what’s in that plastic drawer underneath? Curious minds want to know…

Looks like it was time for Nat’s Noshes to experiment with those little packaged microgreens, broccoli sprouts, and mixed greens of alfalfa, red clover, and radish sprouts. Such a mystery! They should totally be showcased on a higher shelf displaying their special valuable contents rather than hidden underneath the mint, the parsley, the rosemary….

Microgreens. I just love saying the word, microgreens. You really feel like you are getting your “vegetable” intake worth for the day just by saying the name, looking at the package, and taking it home as if it were a treasured chest box. These greens are dynamically-fused of vitamins, sweet flavor, and fun texture! They grow in different light settings, even in darkness!

Interesting find in microgreens locally grown by indoor gardens….

Shrimp, avocado, cucumber tartare recipe

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