My “New, 2021” Morning Charcuterie Board

Another morning, another Monday morning… yet a brand “new, 2021” Monday morning! Let’s exercise a new New Years Resolution: making breakfast in a “new, 2021” version. 🥂 🎉

Why put away your NYE festive kitchen supplies and serving pieces?! Let’s brainstorm and take mental notes of what’s in our kitchen, shall we?!

We can start with a wooded board or a lazy Susan. Scurry deep into the shelves of your fridge and gather any fruits or veggies that still look good. Microgreens even! 💡 Fruits, brie cheese, grapes, veggies, and miniature (protein-spot on) egg omelets on cranberrry walnut bread are yummy, noshable examples to build the foundation of this “new, 2021” version!!!!

Continuing my new founding obsession for microgreens and charcuterie boards…. enjoy my stories… 🥂 🎉

Bon appetite!

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