Honey Baked Brie Fondue, Another Charcuterie Board, & Sparkling Wine

Nat’s Nosh ideas…. as she is always known as one to decorate her home for celebratory holidays even this year’s strange New Years Eve, she suggested setting up the kitchen/ family area as how you celebrated with family as a kid! Black and white and silver kitchen accessories galore, confetti, and the yummy tradition of finger food appetizers including chips, pretzels, fruit, and cheese. This afternoon started off with a delivery or a quick run to Home goods or Marshall’s or Sur La Table… for that special ceramic brie baker with a lid.

Following the errands, back at home, it was time to set the oven! 45 min later… a tantalizing, warm ceramic “melting pot” of baked Brie with rosemary, honey, and pistachios… really made your day so divine and heavenly. Just by having this on your coffee table would curb your appetite for the rest of afternoon and into the evening… in a happy food coma 😃

Next project… stepping up the game from childhood, why not gather all your favorite munchies and fruit onto a platter for dipping in the Brie cheese? Judging by what is sitting on the shelves of your fridge or what is already ordered from your pending Instacart order…. the board should have the following categories:

  • Cheese varietal
  • Crunchy finger food (vegetables) or fruits with toothpicks, depending on numbers
  • Starchy carb (crackers, etc)
  • Good fats (mixed nuts, almonds, cashews)
  • Garnish (honey, date syrup)
  • Dip or sauce (jam, fig preserves)

Good riddance 2020! 🥂 🎊🥳!

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