Deconstructed, Plant-Based Sweet Potato Crust Flat Pizza

Traditionally, when one utters the words, “Sunday Funday”, under normal circumstances, it references to:

  1. The game… like you must really know which game your friend is talking about… 🏈 🏈 … the game…
  2. The paper… like you must really know which newspaper your family refers to and still embraces the enjoyment of reading printed news on “Sunday Funday”… The New York Times
  3. The coffee… like you must really know where your neighbors in the city must go to start their early am after being out all night… Starbucks
  4. The food… like you must really know America’s # 1 comfort food… pizza 🍕

Ah ha! Nat’s Noshes had a fun idea 💡 for a late afternoon snack to kick off some energy before the Bears game and the Browns game after. As Noshes is known for trying to keep the # of ingredients under 5 and stay within the food pyramid, while still having fun with art…

Nat designed a deconstructed sweet potato crust flat pizza, foundation was homemade pesto sauce, topped with radishes, cucumber slices, a microgreens, and cilantro seasoning.

The best part? This open face flat pizza crust is self-designed to satisfy your taste buds! In other words, this crust is your oyster! If you dreaming of tomato sauce and your favorite varietal of cheese… make your own magic happen!


Flat Pizza – THRIVE magazine

Foundation – Basil Pesto Sauce

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