I’m Okay for Okra!

Have you ever seen those crunchy little things, green, 6-sided geometrical shaped with hollow openings of seeds in them? They are notoriously known as gumbo in southern countries and also as “lady fingers” in other parts of the world. Sooo worldly as they have their own ethnic names!

There are So so so soooooo many ways to use these okra to it’s fullest!!! I grabbed a bag of these in the freezer section the other day. When you defrost them, be careful not to defrost too long as the insides get all slimey! Thus, baked or pan seared makes the okra presence as if they were New York’s finest and top of the line…. or in other words… “quarantined – made with love”. 💕

I stacked these okay beauties on a bed of crushed frozen green peas which were stacked on a veggie burger…. marvelous!!

Enjoy your greens!!! 😊😊

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